Problems using our catalog?

We apologize if you are experiencing difficulties with our catalog. With new browsers and security settings it may be hard to always have a fool-proof experience with ANY website.

Usually the problem (logging in, checking out) has to do with your internet settings. The most common culprits are:

1) Your browser's cache,

2) Temporary cookies

3) Session Cookies.

The fix is fairly easy. Below are the settings for Internet Explorer 7 & 8, if you are using a different browser you can probably find similar settings in your browser's TOOL or OPTIONS file menu. IMPORTANT: Once you've made ANY changes to your browser's settings, close ALL windows and restart your browser.

Session Cookies: Whatever you have read or heard about cookies, generally cookies are your friend, especially with OUR catalog. Session cookies allows your computer to temporarily store your catalog selection while you're being transferred to our hosts SECURE server. By default your settings could be correct, but you can double check, and correct as necessary. The illustrations below are for IE 7 and 8, you should find similar settings for other browsers if needed.