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A little tweaking of your internet settings will usually take care of this.

Clear your cookies, cache and browser history. You may want to do this as a part of monthly maintenance.

Internet Explorer:

Look for the Tools menu and select "Delete Browsing History." Check the appropriate boxes for cookies, browser history and Temporary Internet Files. If your version of Internet Explorer has an option that says "Preserve Favorites website data," then de-select that option.

Select "Clear Recent History" from the Tools menu. If your version has a "Time Range to Clear" option, select "Everything."

Google Chrome:

Enter "chrome://settings/clearBrowserData" into the browser bar.

Select all of the items that you want to clear, including browsing history, download history, cache, cookies and other site and plug-in data.

On the "Obliterate the following items from" drop-down menu, select "the beginning of time."

Click "Clear Browsing Data."


In the Safari menu, choose "Reset Safari." Then choose "remove all website data."

You might also want to review this illustrated support page:


Virtually everyone should be able to use our catalog with Internet Explorer or FireFox. Google Chrome is NOT recommended. Once you proceed to the CheckOut area, please do not select "Continue Shopping" as this may cancel your current selections.

If you're looking for a simple order solution, just note the items you wish to order using the Product Code, then use our simple (but secure!) online form here:

You'll find the Product Code as shown below:



The short answer is "NO." We do not accept PayPay at FoxyBrawlers as it would be a violation of PayPal's Terms of Service.

However, our non-adult 'toons are available through our partners at, where not only can you use PayPal, but upon checkout, you can download the comics right away.

We also offer a few of our comics at another download partner, where you can use any major credit card OR PayPal and you can access your 'toons immediately upon checkout (account required). For more information please visit this link:


When you place your order with, the credit card authorization is not automatic.

Several times each day we check on orders. Upon receiving yours, we immediately begin the authorization process, being certain to use all the fraud detection tools at our disposal.

Once your credit card has been authorized and passed the fraud measures, we activate your order. Your access will be provided in an email, and, if you have an account, you can also check your Order History where your download links can be found as well..

Since we don't live on the internet 24 hours a day, this is why you do not immediately receive your access. Though we have posted this all over our website, perhaps being so enthusiastic for our unique cartoons, many of our clients overlook this simple fact. Sometimes we'll be online as soon as your order is placed, and you could be receiving access within a matter of minutes; please don't expect this every time though. Again the official policy is WITHIN 24 HOURS!

If you can create a "safe" list for your email account, please be sure to add to that list. This will help get your authorization to you in a prompt fashion. We do have amazing luck getting our emails to our customers, but SPAM filters can sometimes be unreasonable. If you are a new customer ordering for the first time, please do this to make certain you can receive your access information.

Send an email to there is an autoresponder set up for that account, and within a couple of minutes of sending it you should receive a reply, thus you will know your email provider doesn't (currently!) block our email. If you don't have it within a few minutes, check your SPAM, BULK, JUNK or SUSPECT folder, or whatever file your email account uses for spam. If the autoresponse is there, then you should be able to receive our emails, you just may have to look for them there.

We enjoy excellent, honest relationships with 99% of the fans of our comics. There are however, a few who pirate us, in spite of claiming to agree to our Terms of Service. When we come across ANY suspect order, we reserve the right to deny service. Your order may be 100% legitimate, but things such as your billing zip code being in Georgia but your IP address showing up as New York, would be just one of many instances where we will not process an order. And as noted in our Terms of Service, we may decline orders from certain countries as well.


And you WON'T either! Please guys, READ the website! is for DOWNLOAD ONLY! Nothing is shipped to you! What would you EXPECT to receive, anyway? The descriptions don't say MAGAZINES or COMIC BOOKS or CDS or anything like that. JPEGS and PDF files are DIGITAL FILES for receiving, accessing, and viewing RIGHT AT YOUR COMPUTER! 


Sorry, as of April 2008 we no longer accept credit card orders from within NC. (Except for the Instant Download service noted above.) You can however make payment with Western Union, an excellent choice when combined with FOXY CHARGE. Write us for details,

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