Slamazons 04 Bubbles Vs Pepper

Slamazons 04 Bubbles Vs Pepper

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We proudly offer this first BOXING Slamazons featuring our multi-gender-afflicted BUBBLES BURSTE taking on the semi-sweet morsel PEPPER MILLES!

PC TOONS attacked this with more than his usual talented vigor, needing to borrow some extra vigor from a dominatrix over on 8th street, and even some fermented mellow from an over-medicated hair-stylist on the other side of the bridge! Anyway, if Rock'em Sock'em Robo-Boobs are your thing, this enticing entry into the SLAMAZONS arena is for you. And you won't even have to pay as much as WE did to get to see it!

It's BUBBLES vs PEPPER for the Slamazons Foxy Boxing Championship, and when her boxing skills fall by the wayside, Pepper has to consider alternative methods to get Bubbles to go down! Uh, figuratively speaking...

A fabulous full-color (except for the black background... but black's a color, isn't it?) 24-panel adventure by the internet's Premiere femme-fight artist fantastique!

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