Slamazons 06 Peni vs Inga

Slamazons 06 Peni vs Inga

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From a personal standpoint, we very much enjoy the colorful adventures of SLAMAZONS. But there's something to be said for the clean line drawings as well, as well as there being more artists ready willing and able to contribute black and white art for the rowdy ladies who make up the SLAMAZONS roster!

But here, we're not bringing you girls from the current roster, but rather a couple of old favorites of ours PENI and INGA. These saucy scrappers first appeared in our PRINT comics (betcha didn't know we DID those, eh?) and they remain personal favorites of ours. A VERY talented GREG BELLE rendered this beautiful drawings for us, and we very much hope this adventure will do well for us, as we're anxious to give brother Greg another turn in the ring.

Peni is a tough blonde, generally able to handle anything her opponent can toss at her. But Peni is a MOST unorthodox opponent, who loves to break the rules and doesn't care as much about winning as she does totally dominating her opponent. Peni is skilled but Inga is the opponent she has the most trouble with... and THIS match will be no exception!

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