Slamazons 28 Cheerleader's Revenge

Slamazons 28 Cheerleader's Revenge

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Barbie hasn't been too happy since losing to Victoria in the Charity Boxing Event. Despite the fact Barbie was winning, Victoria took a dubious advantage, her perfume triggering Barbie's allergy. Also unhappy is Collier "Bulldog" Builtright, construction tycoon and Victoria's dad. Usually a successful gambler, he bet against his daughter in the girl's boxing match, and while the money he lost was insignificant, he hasn't had a good streak of luck since. He believes his daughter's unfair victory jinxed him, and that Victoria must LOSE a similar event in order to restore his luck. It's a wrestling rematch in...


8 pages, Adobe PDF format for viewing or printing
Over 40 panels total. Art by Arista


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