Bayou Bimbo Brawlers - PDF

Bayou Bimbo Brawlers - PDF

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SKEETER and CAMMY, the beautiful, bouncing boobettes of Boggy Bayou fight it out for the fishing and poaching rights each of their kinfolk claim for their livelihood, and in turn, settle an old score long simmering between the tawny young cajun queens!

This is an amazing story written and illustrated by the legendary DON LOMAX. Illustrating for 35 years, Don's work has been featured in nearly every magazine you can think of, with extra emphasis on men's magazines HUSTLER, PENTHOUSE, GENT, CARtoons, and EASY RIDER, just to name a FEW!

No digital magic here, these pages are painstakingly hand drawn and painted with amazing detail. We're extremely glad to have Don's work featured at our humble fem-fight website, and we know you'll enjoy this remarkable addition.

25 page-sized panels include 30 illustrations.

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