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Ronnie finally found the girl of his dreams in Tami, a super-sexy blonde willing to do whatever Ronnie wants... including sparring with him in his garage gym wearing the skimpiest of bikinis! But the wake-up call comes in the form of Carla and Bianca, neighborhood bad-girls whose goal in life is to wreak havoc wherever they can!

In this case, the buxom brunettes are attracted to the sounds of slugging coming from Ronnie's garage, and change Tami's training session to an erotic slugfest neither Tami... OR Ronnie... will soon forget!

An incredible blend of brutal pounding and erotica by Lisa B, one of the most amazing pencil artists we've ever seen, and this is certainly her BEST work to date!

26 panels tell the tale of Tami's adventure PLUS 3 extra BONUS panels that bring the boxing and erotica to new heights!

About 800 x 640 pixels, marvelously shaded pencil images by LISA B.

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