Breaking Up Is Harm To Do

Breaking Up Is Harm To Do

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featuring the Eroticats!

If you're keeping up with the Eroticats adventures, you know that Megan has been hanging with Francine's daughter Hayley. Well, Megan's older lover Lola has had enough, which puts Lola and Hayley into the couple's private ring!

Lola seems like an easy target for Hayley, but the teen-ager may not get out of the ring unscathed! Though not as explicit as the usual Eroticats adventure, we DO feature two of the group in topless boxing action!

We've come to covet the skills of the amazing artist Reynaldo, and we've already planned a full-color comic from Rey... just have a look at the sample color cover he did for "Breaking Up" and you'll see why!

6 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 Black & White art with a full-color cover, in Print-Ready PDF format! 


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