Rumble For The Rematch: A Junior Foxy Boxing Tale

Rumble For The Rematch: A Junior Foxy Boxing Tale

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It has been one year since the tournament to name the Champion of the Junior Foxy Boxing League! Since then, two of the original participants, Crissie and Heidi, have trained hard to earn a second shot at Ginger, the reigning champ, and her coveted Title Belt! Their last remaining obstacle? Each other!

The pressure is on especially for Heidi, as she is only a few weeks away from her 18th birthday, and then no longer able to be a part of this amazing league! She' anxious to retire as JFB Champion... and Crissie is anxious to stop that from happening!

Have a look at this monumental challenge for the title between two tough and beautiful young ladies as they Rumble for the Rematch!

12 color images from the best friend of the Gorgeous Boxing Girls... BYRON!

Contains NO Nudity!

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