Krushed Kittens

Krushed Kittens

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Trying to understand women can make you climb the walls. But at least understanding isn't needed when the girls are getting ready to fight. For who really cares why? They're stripped for battle and virtually ruthless. Isn't that enough?

Here we have two women, hungry for the power that comes from dominating the other. Power that comes from totally defeating the other in (near) mortal combat. No ring, no referee, no rules, no audience. Just a no-holds barred battle to end when the winner is painfully clear.

Gwen is the blonde, Mary Jane, the redhead. Both beautiful and young...youth makes each of the girls confident it is she who will win the day, not lying broken at the feet of her enemy like a crushed kitten. But of course, one will lose...

30 black & white images on 8 pages (8 1/2 x 11) in Ready-To-Print PDF format. About 2 MB. By CONSTANTINE


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