Grin & Bare It

Grin & Bare It

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The year is 2010, and due to a weak economy, the world of pro wrestling finally takes desperate measures and establishes a NUDE WOMEN'S WRESTLING LEAGUE! Yeah, it's hard to turn down a pay-per-view event that blends beauty, brutality AND boobs, eh?

Our competitors are blonde BAMBI DiPRIMO, and MARLA McCOY, two big bad beauties that know their way around the ring, inside AND out. Naked from start to finish, in birthday suits and wrestling boots, they provide great wrestling holds and some dirty fighting too are all part of what these sexy slammers have in mind as they bare it all in a brawl for it all! Rendered by DERVISH.

About 36 B&W images on 18 pages, in 8 1/2 x 11 inch, Ready-To-Print Adobe Acrobat format. Also great for viewing at your computer as well.

About 4 MB

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