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Here's an interesting new comic from an interesting new artist! Marla and Shannon are gorgeous, busty pro wrestlers, and their ref for this evening's encounter is the beautiful and sultry Sandal. These gals will be wrestling a one fall match, and these ladies are as talented and vicious as they are beautiful.

Rules of course will be broken, ropes used to contain and choke, breasts and lower regions attacked with abandon. The ref tries to keep things in check, but she is after all, outnumbered. When submission holds don't work, it's a sleeper that puts one of the busty beauties out. And even though it's a one-fall match, the winner decides to smother the loser out once more, for good measure!

The bras are on for most of the match, but one lady does get hers ripped off near the end, and our winner chooses to remove her bra for her own purposes.

29 Panels from Mr. Schoolcraft.

This offering is an 8 1/2 x 11 inch PDF file at 300 dpi PRINT resolution (22 MB). Great for viewing online or if you REALLY want a treat, pop some photo quality paper in your printer!

Adobe Reader Required

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