Inter-Gender Domination

Inter-Gender Domination

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It's the Dungeon Arena's first mixed match, and they've decided to make it for the Inter-Gender title, to boot! Connie Lake is a tough 38-year old, wise to the ways of wrestling, competitive AND erotic, while Mike Carter, 18 years old but thoroughly trained in wrestling, might be more mouth than muscle!

Plump Sonya referees the match, and tries to keep it relatively legal, but with erotic wresting, what does she call and what does she allow? She's likely to make it up as she goes along, and Mike and Connie go at it tooth, nail, and libido, in this sexually-charged best 2 out of 3 match! Both wrestlers end up nude and there's a sexual reward for the winner!

Welcome new artist SAFIRE to the FoxyBrawlers roster, and if you like IGD we'll be sure to bring her back for more!

NEW: We're also adding pages that allow 200% zoom of the important action for 12 of the panels! Look for the QUICK TO ZOOM link at the top of the stories images.

24 color images, 800 x 600 pixels in 4 MB ZIPPED file.

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