Aunt Anna's Boys pt 1 (PDF)

Aunt Anna's Boys pt 1 (PDF)

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A first for us at FoxyBrawlers, a complete erotic guy-vs-guy comic!

Aunt Anna is well known for her private fight club, and from time to time she has social gatherings at her estate to find new talent for her ring. Anna is particularly taken with barely-18 Dave and Tom. She soon has the boys in her ring, gloved up and ready for battle, as they eagerly accepted her challenge to fight each other to a knock-out and erotic penalty, the winner getting to bed her.

Here's part 1 of the tale, where the guys go at it hard-on and heavy, with the ever aroused Anna their private audience! With an unsatisfying end to their battle, she challenges them to make round 2 a sexual "fistic" competition between them!

In part 1 the action is JUST the guys, in a little boxing, and a little sexual competition between them. But coming soon in part 2, look for erotic mixed boxing, as the winner from part 1 will take on Aunt Anna herself!


Remember, part 1 is just DAVE vs TOM, in boxing and erotic competition!

23 full color panels on 5 pages, in High-Resolution Adobe PDF format.
Delivered as an 8 MB PDF file

Complete Story (parts 1 and 2) Available HERE

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