Big & Busty Brawlers (PDF)

Big & Busty Brawlers (PDF)

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New artist Dimitrious brings us, as the title indicates, two big, busty boxers! These are full-fledged women, well endowed from head to foot! And they're not afraid to show the whole package off in their skimpy bikinis, as they don wicked leather boxing gloves, to do harm to each other JUST for your enjoyment!

It stands to reason their fight gear just isn't up to the rigors of a body-smashing fight like this, so before long the tops are ripped away, leaving the big-bodied-beauties to finish their match topless. The poor little ref tries to bring some level of enforcement to the rules of boxing, but even within those confines our Debbie and Jayne can really do some damage.

Great back-and-forth action, great gals and great art make this one of our FOXIEST battles, harkening to the days of our beloved PC TOONS! We hope you'll think so TOO!

by Dimitrious

16 pages featuring 29 Images in a 10 MB Ready-To-Print PDF file.
Formatted at 6.625 x 10.25 and will print centered on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.


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