Aunt Anna's Boys pt 2

Aunt Anna's Boys pt 2

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Anna REALLY enjoyed the boxing match between Dave and Tom, especially the unexpected twist that allowed her to see the studly young men compete against each other sexually.

But now it's time to get back to boxing, and Tom, having jerked into the lead, gets to face Aunt Anna in the boxing ring! Tom is fully nude but for his boxing gloves, his smile, and large... uh, ENTHUSIASM for the event, and Anna's wearing only her leopard briefs and gloves. She does tell him there's a bonus for knocking her down, she'll forfeit her briefs and continue the battle au naturale!

Tom seems quite in control, until Anna begins some full-frontal-flirting with Dave, and Tom's jealous reply is even more pounding on the big blonde! The ending is an unpredictible as the rules, but there is an unconscious boxer at the end of the story, and someone's on the receiving end of some oral gratification too!

25 JPEG images by one of OUR favorite artists

Delivered in 5 MB Zipped file

(Panel shapes vary, average size is 768 x 568 pixels)

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