Teen Tournament

Teen Tournament

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It's a classic returned to the pages of Foxy Brawlers!

There's an annual charity event between the girls of Trenton High School and the Trenton Community College. And it's our FAVORITE event too, as the sassy ladies step between the ropes for a little competitive BOXING! Over the years, the rivalry has gotten quite a bit more serious, but the brutal bouts don't make an argument for cancelling the event, but rather makes the case for continuing them!

Our story opens with one bout ending, a girl beaten and unconscious at the feet of her hardly-touched opponent. Cue the next match, though it's going to be short and sweet! It's the final bout that's the baddest, and the Community College girl just MIGHT be a ringer. A knockout takes the match and leaves the unconscious girl topless.

Undercard: AMY vs DIMPLES
Main Event: TRISH vs LIZZIE

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