Bared Breasts & Barbed Wire

Bared Breasts & Barbed Wire

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In a mining town where all work and no-play makes for some bad attitudes, a sharp foreman arranges some special entertainment to ease the tension for his hard working men.

Professional underground fighters Leona Sunrise and Janice Heston, guaranteed a high fee and all expenses (read: injuries!) paid, are the main (and only) event for a brutal fight night. The girls go topless in an anything-goes, no rounds, no rules battle. The thin gloves will protect their hands but not their faces, and NOTHING is safe from the razor sharp barbed wire that surrounds the ring!

Story by Janet Ellis, Illustrations by S. Dervish

8 1/2 x 11 inch "Ready To Print" PDF file • About 5 MB
13 pages with 10 Illustrations

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