Ring Cats No 2

Ring Cats No 2

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Our second illustrated story collection is devoted to the wrestling girls of KC Hart. KC did several projects for us a few years ago, and he has a simple but clean and dynamic style unlike anyone we've seen since. We're happy to dust off these great stories to offer you now.

KC's Wrestlers # 1
Karen and Vicki are part of an on-campus wrestling club, and not just a pin-to-win variety, but a you-can-hurt-someone kind! Karen is a tough competitor, but Vicki LIKES to hurt her opponents. Five illustrations

KC's Wrestlers # 2
The campus battles continue in this more private bout between Kellinda and Bobbi held, not in a ring, but in a living room. No padded surface to absorb the bumps, as one girl will find out when she takes a pile driver before losing. Eleven illustrations

Now KC turns to a pro-wrestling battle, with rookie Laura taking on 20 year veteran Cindy. It's a no-holds barred affair, and Laura takes quite a beating. Still, she's got determination, so the question is, does she have ENOUGH to take down a vastly more experienced wrestler? Fourteen illustrations

42 Page PDF file, About 4 MB
8 1/2 x 11, Ready-To-Print format
30 Illustrations, many full-page

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