Ring Cats No 3

Ring Cats No 3

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More great stories and art from KC Hart, as he write and illustrates boxing and fist-fighting tales.

KC's Boxers
Young college girls in boxing that ends in a solid knockout. Five illustrations

No leather here; the best tips go to the "barmaids," and the strip's owners allow the girls to have private, bare-fisted body-punching bouts to determine who'll earn... or keep... the job. Melinda's the current "champ," and Monica wants her job, and puts her body on the line to get it. Ten illustrations

Punching Up The Parts
Beautiful art by S. Dervish supports this boxing story about tv stars having a little boxing match. If you've been around long enough, the girls and their sponsor MIGHT even seem a little familiar. Charlene and Victoria go at it until a knockout. Eight illustrations

36 Page PDF file, About 4 MB
8 1/2 x 11, Ready-To-Print format
23 Illustrations, many full-page

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