Ruby's Challenge

Ruby's Challenge

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HEY! You got a RINGSIDE SEAT as Byron decides to redefine the meaning of MIXED FIGHTING!

The very lovely RUBY has made a good showing of herself against the other girls at Byron's gym. But she's anxious to test herself against tougher opponents, and learns of Toro, a big guy who comes by the gym to workout.

Well, Toro doesn't think much of women in sports, and eagerly accepts Ruby's Challenge to a no-rounds battle!

Here is an excellent blend of Byron's top-notch photography and delightful art, and even though Toro's a cartoon, Ruby sure does feel his gloves!

Treat yourself to Byron's FIRST art-vs-life toon!

30 JPEG images, 1260 x 945 pixels
Delivered as 14 MB Zipped File

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