School Girl Championship

School Girl Championship

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Now THIS is ground breaking! An all-new Little Susie tale! Teena Dream returns! And it's Byron's FIRST time rendering EITHER of these sexy gals!

Teena Dream is without a doubt the BEST known of PC TOONS creations, and many have longed for a new boxing tale featuring our Brave Little Schoolgirl. Has she been out matched? Out gunned? Well, we wanted to finally give her the FAIR shake she deserved, and what better opponent for her than another ground-breaking character, chubby, freckle-faced, glasses wearing Little Susie!

And we've created a new title for these girls to slug it out for, the SCHOOLGIRL CHAMPIONSHIP! The battle may be brief, but it's furious, and so we won't be accused of showing favoritism, YOU pick your OWN winner! But just vote once - if you vote twice, your computer will be turned into a toaster permanently set for light brown! (Okay, not really - if you HAVE to you can pick more than winner, we promise your computer won't make toast - unless it already did, and then it should... wait, this is getting weird.)

20 panels of topless teen boxing action include YOUR chosen winner, all created for us by the BEST friend of the Gorgeous Boxing Schoolgirls... BYRON!

Delivered as 5 MB Zipped File

Also available for INSTANT download at our partner site for a couple dollars more, where you can use any major credit card or PayPal:



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