Wrestling Double Header 2

Wrestling Double Header 2

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We've been grateful for all the good people who have contributed artwork to our offerings. But as is the nature of all things, some styles are better received than others.

Our "Double Header" series features art that some might consider a bit less dynamic, a bit less sensual than the standard fare of Foxy Brawlers, but we still think it's an interesting approach to wrestling comics, so we've bundled two stories as a single product at a super price.

Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but beauty IS in the eye of the beholder! In volume two of this series, we've got both a wrestling battle and a near-catfight too!

STELLA vs FYRE by Kevin Mayle. A one-fall match featuring shapely combatants! A pin finish and a welcome victory. Five pages, about twenty images.

FOX DEN by Keir Lyles. Brittany vs Talia in the weekly co-ed battles! These girls brawl until a submission finish.

It's an 8 1/2 x 11 inch Ready-To-Print file (or view on your computer).
4 MB PDF Document • No Nudity

Also available for INSTANT access at RingAngels.com and our LULU store HERE

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