Wrestling Double Header 3

Wrestling Double Header 3

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Our "Double Header" series features art that some might consider a bit less dynamic, a bit less sensual than the standard fare of Foxy Brawlers, but we still think it's an interesting approach to wrestling comics, so we've bundled two stories as a single product at a super price.

Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but beauty IS in the eye of the beholder! Here's our third installment, featuring two pretty brutal wrestling bouts!

WRESTLING MAMA 2: Peggy Munroe is a hard-working mom, most of her income provided by independent pro wrestling. Peggy's 17 year-old daughter Lisa doesn't think much of wrestling OR her mom, and Peggy's finally had it with her hateful daughter's attitude, and challenges her to wrestle. Actually it's more of a beatdown, as bikini-clad teen Lisa doesn't rally ONCE during her mom's chance at "letting off steam." Seven pages with 19 illustrations.

UP FOR THE PART by Sonny Andreotte. Grant is a major film-maker, looking to make an exciting flick about the life and times of a lady wrestler. his pick for starring role is Angela Cruz, and to prepare her for the role he hires professional wrestler Roni. The ring veteran has her own agenda, hoping to convince Grant that she's better for the part than Angela! And her effort is all about what she does to Angela in the ring. Six pages with 30 illustrations.

It's an 8 1/2 x 11 inch Ready-To-Print file (or view on your computer).
5 MB PDF Document • No Nudity

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