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Melony Steele is semi-retired from professional foxy boxing, but she’s not completely out of the fistic business! She fights twice a week at  “The Drunken Slugger!”

Her opponent tonight is a barely-legal LeAnne Deale, a gal who is just crazy for her boyfriend Mark! Sadly, Mark's tiring of LeAnne, and convinced her to take part in a match against the amazon uber-boxer Melony, claiming he was all about chick fights!

His hope was that getting beat up would send his girl running, allowing him to avoid the messy break-up stage!

So dedicated to making Mark happy is LeAnne that she even offers Melony a cash bonus not to go easy on her! And Mark is so dedicated to making the break-up happen, he too offers Melony a bonus for the same arrangement!

Sounds like a double-indemnity policy for poor LeAnne! so take your ringsideseat and join us for another brutal but sexy bout of Foxy Brawlers!

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