Russian Revenge

Russian Revenge

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Hey! You remember Margo and Olga, right? From "RUSSIAN WARFARE?"

Olga is the Russian "mail-order-bride" of Margo's dad. Beautiful woman, big too! And MEAN. She enjoyed beating up Margo's dad during what she called "sparring sessions." Well when Margo found out what was going on, she challenged Olga to fight HER and, well, you know how THAT ended!

Well thanks to Margo's fiscal fate, she finds herself at The Drunken Slugger, home of frosty drinks and foxy boxers! She figures she'll earn a little spending money, but she had NO idea she'd be earning it taking on... OLGA! And Olga is REALLY looking forward to a little REVENGE.

25 unique panels by Fern Wood, at a nice 900 x 675 pixels. AND we've "zoomed in" on the panels too, giving you 30 MORE images to view, cropped with a 2X "zoom" view!

Delivered as 11 MB Zipped file, with html pages for easy navigation.

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