Pounded With Children (PDF)

Pounded With Children (PDF)

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When the Ballard gals spend more time shopping than the parking meter allowed, they had to face the grim reality that they were $200 shy enough cash to get their old Dodge out of the municipal impound lot.

What to do?

Call home and face the wrath of a grumpy husband and dad? Try their hand at turning tricks? Nope! As fate would have it, there's a nightclub nearby offering exactly $100 per girl to participate in their Foxy Boxing event! One mom @ $100 plus one daughter @ $200 plus the $12 they still have left equals $212... the exact amount to liberate their car!

Seems though they have to sign a contract, freeing management of any liability AND guaranteeing management that neither lady will leave the ring until there's a KNOCKOUT!

A great new story from our great new artist Widodo Pangarso

8 page (8 1/2 x 11 inches) Ready to Print PDF File
with 39 color images, about 8 MB

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Also available in screen-sized JPEGS HERE

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