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Sex Or Wrestling

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It's going to be an AMAZING night wrestling fans, and WOW do we hope you like SEX too! Here's a wrestling card SO hot the community center wouldn't let us HAVE it there! But no worries, the spacious and well-decorated BGBG Arena was on hand and HAPPY to let us put on our show there! (Cost a LOT of tamales and there was talk about a boxing girlfriend, but more on THAT later.)

Our star wrestler is GIGI, and she's going to guide you on the erotic events of the evening's matches, which includes girls with dicks (or is it guys with breasts?), hairy beaver, foreign objects, mixed bouts and some family fondling, too.

Not a single bout but a series of gags and vignettes that merge, perhaps against their will, the wrestling ring with wild libido, sometimes funny, usually erotic, and always outrageous.

Not for everyone - but if you like "X"- rated comics AND you like wrestling comics, we'll we just put TWO great tastes in ONE comic!

Art by BASTACOMIX with backgrounds generously donated by BYRON.

29 original images, about 900 x 675 pixels.
Delivered as 7 MB Zipped file.

Also available for INSTANT access in PDF format at our partner site HERE

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