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Candy and her mom Vicky didn't do as well as they wanted to in their last match against the mother-daughter team of Lisa and Mary.

So our buxom blondes are at the gym, working out to improve strength and stamina. But their training is abruptly interrupted by their rivals, who get the party started by taking out Candy with a baseball bat!

Can Vicky stave off the "Attack of the Redheads?"

Will Candy come to in time to help her mom?

The answers are there with LOTS of rock'em sock'em topless boxing babes!

25 Panels by LYKAMO!

Large 900 x 675 pixel JPEG images
Delivered as 5 MB ZIPPED file

You can get this for instant access (for a couple of dollars more) in screen-resolution PDF file from our download partner HERE

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