Mayhem Event part 2 of 2

Mayhem Event part 2 of 2

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It's part TWO of an event SO big it wouldn't fit into one story!

The girls from "Lil' Leather" sure have moved up in the world! New challenges, boyfriends, and NOW redheaded Lisa gets a shot at the Topless Teen Boxing Championship! The champ is "Killer" Kelly, a tall and shapely redhead, fast with her fists and perhaps even more clever than our starring teens. Each girl has declared a special stipulation, and the guest referee is "Crusher" Candy, Lisa's old foe!

In part two, one girl has already been roughed up pretty good, including being trapped in the ropes and having her breasts crushed by a confident foe! It ended with one girl losing her trunks, to return to the battle in her panties.

Now we pick up where the fight left off, and both girls know they have to pull out all the stops to leave the ring with that coveted topless championship belt!

26 great images by one great artist... LYKAMO!

Delivered in 6 MB ZIPPED file
JPEG format, 900 x 675 Pixels

Part 1 is available HERE

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