I'm Samantha... Box Me! 640 x 480

I'm Samantha... Box Me! 640 x 480

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Again we're taking a little detour from the gorgeous scenery of buxom cartoon fighters, where we'll meet SAMANTHA.

Samantha is a gorgeous little redhead, 26 years old at this writing, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 125 pounds, and a girl-next-door figure of 34B-29-36. And she's waiting. For what? Why, for YOU!

Yup, this is truly a gorgeous boxing girl, and she's pulled off her bra and pulled on her gloves, and she' ready, willing, and able, to go a few rounds with you. It's a dimly lit ring, nearly void of sound, except for that of gloves smashing into bodies... hers AND yours! Prepare yourself... you're going to get knocked down. But hey, Samantha will be going down too!

But the question is... will she STAY down?

A great fantasy fight featuring a great fantasy fighter!

640 x 480 Windows Media Format
About 8 minutes, 132 MB

VIDEO! Not comics!

From ExoticThunder.com


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