Crosstown Matchup # 4

Crosstown Matchup # 4

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Dan and Bob meet in a chat room where they find they have several mutual interests - fine food, fine wine, and a passion for catfighting. They agree to meet in a pro ring and pit their catfight loving wives against one another for a private match. But when the wives talk to each other to negotiate terms, they agree on two things:

1. They agree that the husbands have to take them on a cruise.

2 That their men have to cockfight for their pleasure too.

Awesome topless wrestling/catfighting and wife assisted frottage

Complete story contains: Male/Female Nudity, Nude Catfighting, Sexual Scenes

116 illustrations with sketchbook
Story & Art by ARDONI

PDF Format • 20 MB

Available only at the Ardoni LULU store HERE

Product Code: ARDO116

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