Crosstown Matchup # 5

Crosstown Matchup # 5

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Bored college teens Dani and Nikki are showing off on their webcams for each other when they decide tonight's the night to matchup their boyfriends for a good old fashioned cockfight. The girls are itching to fight each other too in a sweaty winner take all catfight. So with some persuasive talk and a blowjob, the guys agree.

Soon the guys are up and frotting up a storm, concentrating on not cumming first - while the girls trash talk the guys and each other. One too many things are said and soon the girls are on the floor battling it out to see who's the tougher bitch.. The guys' concentration isn't helped by watching these two young hot teens fighting naked and, eventually, one of them has to cum.

The loser of the cockfight has to watch the FROT winner and the sexy winner of the girlfight have fun with the losing catfighter.

Who will win tonight's FIGHT NIGHT??

Awesome nude /catfighting and male frottage

Complete story contains: Male/Female Nudity, FROT, Nude Catfighting, Sexual Scenes

96 illustrations • 21 MB PDF File
Story & Art by ARDONI

Available only at the Ardoni LULU store HERE

Product Code: ARDO117

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