Fighting Gay # 2 Oedipus Box

Fighting Gay # 2 Oedipus Box

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Guys (and gals) THIS one is gonna be a little hard to describe!

Although the guys don't have sex with each other, we thought it still fit with our Fighting Gay series since the action is so explicit and the guys are so, uh... HARD!

Our story starts out with plump MILFs Barbara and Doris admiring each other's young studs as they soak in some backyard summer sun. When an argument between the boys breaks out, the women break them up and tell them it may be time to settle it "man to man" in the boxing ring. Having just turned 18, each boy "rises" to the occasion!

In the course of our story, the boys box each other, the women box each other, and there's straight sex all around - with their buddy's mom AND their own! You have to see the the women boxing while the guys are having intercourse with them. Wild. No, WILD!!!

It's 26 original and unique images by our newest find, ZenBayMono Studios.

900 x 675 pixels in size
Delivered as 8 MB zipped file.

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