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ZBM Gallery 01

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A great artistic find for 2012 has been ZenBayMono Studio. The output is clean and colorful, sexy and dynamic. We hope you've enjoyed Oedipus Box, Fighting Gay, and Best of the Breast, the 'toons offered to date by this fine talent.

While we get a new script ready, here's a modest gallery of miscellaneous art, what we call the "dirty dozen," because most of these images are a bit erotic and perhaps bizarre, including some futa characters and other sexual content.

And we hope you're not superstitious, because we've actually made this a "baker's dozen," throwing in an extra image contributed by Lykamo for a total of 13 lucky images.

Remember, this isn't a story but a series of images that came to our deviant minds, with ZBM standing by to make the bizarre dreams come true.  All characters rendered are intended to be 18 years or older!


13 JPEG Images, 900 x 675
Delivered in 4 MB Zipped File

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