ZBM Gallery 02

ZBM Gallery 02

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We had so much fun with ZenBayMono Gallery 1 (boxing) we decided we had to put together another gallery right away, and this time is a bizarre, often erotic, selection of 12 original wrestling-style images.

But WAIT... there's MORE!

Thanks to the flexible nature of ZBM's work, we were able to easily modify, mix and match these images, and created another 13 variant images and gags, making the gallery a total of 25 fun and sexy images from the original 12 illustrations.

Sex, dick-girls (futa), mixed and guy-guy scenes, a "butterfly fight," even a lacation panel, and more, all part of these 25 images from the amazing ZenBayMono. Definitely for the OPEN MINDED fan only!

All characters rendered are intended to be 18 years or older!

Images are 900 x 675 pixels, delivered in 7 MB Zipped file.

Also available at our LULU store HERE

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