Mistress Mayhem

Mistress Mayhem

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It's been a while since we've seen Little Susie, and it's also been a while since we've done anything approaching a catfight! So here was a chance to bring the two together, in "Mistress Mayhem!"

After getting trashed by Tawny in one-on-one wrestling, Susie went to pro wrestler "Crusher Carl" for training. He sure worked her over, and his wife Pam pitched in too. Impressionable as she is, Susie ended up in an affair with Carl, but it was short lived as Pam quickly caught them almost in the act. What happens next awaits you in this 26 panel battle between wife and mistress, with even a little support from Carl along the way! And hey... it's a catfight! So the girls are stripped nude before it's over!

It's got sex! It's got violence! What more could anyone ask?

Told by Little Susie herself!

Beautiful black and white art by Centaur.

26 JPEG images, 900 x 630 pixels.
Delivered in 6 MB Zipped file.

Also available in screen resolution PDF file at our Lulu store for just a couple dollars more. Click HERE

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