Bare Knuckles - Let's Wrestle (SS)

Bare Knuckles - Let's Wrestle (SS)

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From the realm of Sublime Savagery we offer two high-quality battles rendered by ArtDude41:

Bare Knuckle Babes (15 images)

In the early morning privacy of a garage, two uptown girls strip down to only panty hose for a head-knocking bare knuckle grudge match. It's brutal blonde on brunette topless action from start to knockout finish.

Let’s Wrestle, Bitch! (15 images)

Now this is Sublime Savagery indeed… A gorgeous black girl - a gorgeous white girl - in ring wrestling in the nude to a finish. These lean, athletic, and sweat slick female bodies strain, writhe, grapple and breast smother their way to that elusive final pin. They're evenly matched and as voluptuously sexy as they are determined to win.

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