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Rumble Kids

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In virtually NHB battle, we present two rising (and brutal) stars!

To the left, it's ERNIE STONE, with 27 fights under his belt, having won most of them. To the right, his opponent is the lovely SHANNON MAYES. Shannon has had fewer fights, at 19, but still winning nearly 3/4 of her battles. Shannon is looking for her first KO victory, but will Ernie be too tough for that?

Busty referee DESIREE is an MMA star in her own right, and she understands how simple her job is, since the rules are few, no blows to the throat, and though fighters can continue to punch an opponent while they are down, if they have not been knocked out or submitted within 30 seconds, Desiree has the option of declaring a TKO.

It's a brutal battle for sure, with feet, fist, and elbow attacks above and below the belt. Will Shannon realize her first knockout, or will Ernie shame his female opponent in this battle of the sexes?

For the first time we're offering a comic in HUGE 1024 x 768 size - that would fill the screen of most monitors in use! And there are instructions on panel 2 on how to maximize your viewing pleasure using the Windows Fax/Image viewer.

PLUS we've added 30 ZOOMED images of the original art

Beautiful work by ZenBayMono Studio, incorporating background by Byron.


20 Original JPEG images, 1024 x 768 pixels
Delivered in 15 MB Zipped File.

Also available in PDF format with immediate access at our LULU STORE

このRumble Kids fightは、デズリーがレフリーを務めるエルニー・ストーンとシャノン・メイエスのコミックです。


ZenBayMono Studio、背景Byronが贈る20のオリジナルJPEG画像 1024 x 768  プラス30以上のズーム・イメージ。ヌードは含まれません。


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