Battle Gals - Z

Battle Gals - Z

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They say in space, no one can hear you scream. No matter how hard the gloves are landing.

Here's the joint creative effort of DP2 and Fernando Santibáñez, presenting the biggest single comic we may ever have offered.

Marianne Boucher, the XO of the starcraft USF DIAZ discovered a crew member has been stealing rations and equipment, and the commander has left it to her discretion as to how to manage the situation. Her decision is to engage the culprit, Margret DaVinci, in the boxing ring, her fate to be determined by the outcome.

25 pages plus a beautiful title image reveal the action round-after-round, with 7 dozen images. The topless women have combat training, so you'll be guaranteed hard hitting - and brutal - action.

High quality PDF file, about 18 MB

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