White Weapon

White Weapon

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The topless teen boxing title has been recently vacated, and slender but tough babes KINZIE and BEVERLEY are the two finalists! Both girls are going to give it all they've got... and ONE gal has a little MORE to give!

Kinzie has a condition called "Milk Overabundance," and so brunette Beverley has to fight THREE opponents... Kinzie and her two milk-squirting tits! Regretably there's no knockout here, since the loser has to leave the ring for UNEXPECTED reasons!

We hope you'll enjoy this latest dose of creamy mayhem from the BREAST friend... uh, BEST friend... of the Gorgeous Boxing Girls... BYRON!

24 images, 1024 x 764 for a great near full-screen experience!

Delivered in 8 MB Zipped File

Want it NOW? We got a PDF waiting for you at Byron's LULU store HERE

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