Jungle Tournament

Jungle Tournament

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In this latest work from ZenBayMono Studio, we also welcome the writing talent of Pepitomichel, a virtual scholar of history and the world, who brings that knowledge of past civilizations into the erotic and competitive realm of wrestling.

His first contribution is JUNGLE TOURNAMENT, a story of tribes who acknowledge a single king of all jungles, who earns the crown in these all-in wrestling stories. These men, from 18 to 62 in age, understand that to command respect and have absolute authority, he must be willing to best his enemies physically and sexually.

Six men come forward to compete, including the current king, the 21 year old Bomba. The events take place with exotic beauty Oenothée, full breasted and cock-endowed, as referee of the battle. Oenothée quickly falls in love with the blonde warrior Moko Moko, and while she cheers for him in her heart, she will not abandon her vow to treat all the matches fairly.

All the fighters have rigid cocks throughout the battle, and the vast energy expended results in many climaxing - even referee Oenothée!

It's a story not for everyone, but for the fan of erotic male wrestling, this is a story not to be missed.

25 images, at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.
Delivered in 12 MB Zipped File.

Also available in PDF format at our LULU STORE

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