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Antic Wrestling

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Egypt: 330 B.C.

After his first victories over the armies of the Persian Emperor Darius III, Alexander the Great has conquered Egypt which was in this time a part of the Persian Empire. For Egyptian people, Alexander is their liberator and their new Pharaoh.

Hotly aroused by these young warriors coming from the other part of the world, the young Egyptian Prince Nakh discovers that they like wrestling as much as the Egyptians. Archeloüs and his loverboy Pelops are two young Greek warriors of Alexander armies coming from Athens. After a long and dangerous trip and several hard battles, they discover the pleasures of life in Egypt.

In the hope of seducing them, Nakh organizes a wrestling event in his palace. To Nakh’s surprise, Archeloüs comes wearing the hairstyle and the jewels of a woman. To the Greek’s surprise, Nakh introduces two famous Nubian wrestlers, old Utembo and young Basumo.

Four erotic male matches with triple-X content. All characters are at least 18 years of age.

37 panels, 1024 x 768 jpeg format.
Delivered in 19 MB Zipped File

Fantastic art by ZenbayMono Studio

Available for immediate access for a couple dollars more in PDF format at our LULU store HERE

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