Harmed 3: Lilith & Leather

Harmed 3: Lilith & Leather

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Endora, Elle, and Emma are back in an all new chapter of the HARMED series!

Since magic and electronics don't always work well together, the Harmed girls enjoy their free time the old fashioned way - playing games, reading, and shopping - and they've come across an old Ouija board for a night's entertainment. According to the legend, this Ouija board was made from the coffin that held the body of Lilith, the very FIRST wife of the legendary father of mankind, Adam.

But it's just a legend... right?

Well SOMETHING comes to life (if you can call that shade of green "living"), and once again the girls turn to boxing to save the day... and their asses!

A delightful mix of magic and mayhem... and what's NOT to love about any of Lykamo's topless boxing girls, hmm?

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