Punch and Grapple

Punch and Grapple

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Jim, Mark, Kerri and Melissa are all 18 and headed for college. But first, they have to settle the question of which guy is the best wrestler!

Jim has been the best all-round, but a recent victory by Mark (accompanied by Melissa's constant bragging) has created a rift that only a "for all the marbles" bout can correct! Ah but if it were only that simple... for one of the gals pulls on the boxing gloves (to preserve her recent manicure!) and goes on the attack, which of course means the OTHER girl has to get involved... with gloves... as well.

It's not your usually battle, and it sure has an unusual ending as well!

20 JPEG Images, 1024 x 768 Pixels
Delivered in 10 MB Zipped File

Exciting art by ZenbayMono Studio

Also available in PDF format at the ZBM Lulu store HERE

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