Endless Sumo

Endless Sumo

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Stacy has come a long way in a short time since high school, where an event launched her into the unique realm of wrestling. Under the guidance of her trainer Lara, Stacy has traveled, seen things, done things.

Lara believes it is time for Stacy to take things a step further. She brings Stacy to face Pele, an Hawaiian girl with experience in Sumo wrestling. Sumo is usually a fast paced match over in seconds, if not minutes. But Lara intends these two will have an extended match... they will lock up in extended, sweaty, gratifying grinds. Their battle will be one of ENDLESS Sumo.

Not your typical Sumo battle, as these girls experience the non-uncommon sensual element of near-naked wrestling. Does the match really end, or does it just pause until next time? You decide.

32 unique JPEG images by Lykamo from a story by Dagdamor.

1024 x 768 Resolution
Delivered in 10 MB Zipped File

Also available in PDF format at Lykamo's LULU store HERE

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