It Takes Two (Bikini)

It Takes Two (Bikini)

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Redheaded TEELA has experience in the ring, but that doesn't mean she's a good boxer! She enjoyed a few fluff bouts early in her short career, but fans wanting to see tough fights soon took her to the bottom of the foxy boxing ladder.

BAMBI has only a few month's experience, so of course she's no better a fighter! But providence may have corrected her string of losses in KAREN, a referee who has the hots for Bambi,  and is willing to "look the other way" for Karen to win.

Both girls have nothing to lose and everything to prove, but only one girl will come out triumphant. Can Teela's skills take care of her against TWO girls in the ring wanting her to lose? Find out in this great new BIKINI boxing comic... It Takes TWO!

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