Apartment Ebony

Apartment Ebony

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Ari's life was pretty good. A job she enjoyed, a boyfriend she loved, and a private life as a successful wrestler, something she did for the enjoyment of her boyfriend. But a search for better opponents led her to a girls worst nightmare... coming up against her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend!

And not just ANY ex-girlfriend either... Linda was not only a wrestler as well, but where Ari had a fine ass (often used to squeeze or smother opponents into submission), Linda had large beautiful breasts which were her weapons of choice in a wrestling match.

The two agreed to meet privately at Ari's place, no spectators, just a camera to capture the action, in a best 2 out of 3 falls TOPLESS bout. The prize of course, being the man that this was all about.

Lykamo always delivers, and these black battlers are among his best work as he renders a "tits-versus-ass" apartment style wrestling match.

From a story by J. Merrick.

24 Original JPEG Images
1024 x 768 Resolution

Delivered in 9 MB Zipped File

Coming soon to Lykamo's LULU STORE

A bra-topped version is at RingAngels.com

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