Penthouse Punchout

Penthouse Punchout

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The rich people in this world are... well, rich! But they also have their own code, their own concept of right and wrong, and justice. Usually this philosophy spills over into their political control, but it can also work on their internal struggles.

Amelia and Elise, both 18 year-old beauties, are in love with the same man, Nathan. Elise is the "Penthouse Boxing Champion," a prestigious title that Amelia challenges Elise for. With the added prize... the winner gets Nathan.

So we now go to the lavish ballroom of the finest penthouse in the city, where the girls box with few rules and little clothing, and not even a ring to contain them. Let's see if Amelia's passion for her man will out-do Elise's fistic experience!

It's another fabulous comic by Lykamo, from a script by Matthew Henry.

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