Interstellar Battling Cuties

Interstellar Battling Cuties

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Hey! You got a RINGSIDE SEAT... but it's not where it USUALLY is, 'cause it's OUT... IN... SPACE!

That's right, you get to witness Byron's first broadcast of space beauty boxing, featuring Urania and Galagia. These sexy space gals have no trouble boxing topless for you, because where they're from clothing is optional anyway.

Who will win the fight? Who will be carried out of the ring? Will it be Battle Star Galagia or the Uppercutting Urania? Well, you can only find out when you buy it! And thus Byron can afford to buy more fuel for his space ship - that stuff ain't cheap!

20 images, 1024 x 783 pixels
Delivered in 9 MB Zipped file

Also available at Byron's LULU STORE

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